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1- Lent is 46 days long this year, Ash Wednesday till Easter Sunday. It’s a season to focus on the the love of God and the gift of Jesus as the Savior of the world. 2- Lent isn’t new, it is historically noted in the 100’s by Irenaeus, as being a Christian practice (over which […]


My wife and I have always loved coffee.  We started with a standard coffee pot, transitioned to paper filter drip, french pressed for a number of years, bought a stove top espresso steamer, bought a fancy Starbucks Barista machine and then once we had kids, transitioned to the Keurig because when we wanted coffee we […]

Raising Kids

I am not even close to having everything figured out as a parent.  One of God’s biggest blessings in my life over the last 15 years however has been working with hundreds of students and families as a junior high teacher, coach, children’s pastor, youth pastor, and lead pastor.  Throughout this I’ve seen some great […]

New Year’s Resolutions

There are a number of historical designations for days being called Black Monday.  The Monday after the Stock Market crashed,  Monday, October 19, 1987 was called Black Monday.  So too each year, the Monday after the college and NFL football seasons come to a close is when Head Coaches are typically fired in droves, and […]