1- Lent is 46 days long this year, Ash Wednesday till Easter Sunday. It’s a season to focus on the the love of God and the gift of Jesus as the Savior of the world.

2- Lent isn’t new, it is historically noted in the 100’s by Irenaeus, as being a Christian practice (over which already there was debate as to how to observe  it between the East and the West).

3- Many give something up and/or add a spiritual discipline into their life for Lent. Though it is often used the wrong way, the idea is not to lose weight or accomplish a goal, other than to draw closer to the heart of God.

4- Palm branches are burnt from the previous year’s Palm Sunday celebration, the ashes are mixed with olive oil, and the resultant mixture is applied to Christian’s foreheads (or palms or wrists) as a marking or sign of repentance and dedication to God.

5- The season of Lent contains Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Manudy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter as notable days of remembrance and celebration.