My wife and I have always loved coffee.  We started with a standard coffee pot, transitioned to paper filter drip, french pressed for a number of years, bought a stove top espresso steamer, bought a fancy Starbucks Barista machine and then once we had kids, transitioned to the Keurig because when we wanted coffee we needed it NOW.  We think we are going to go back to a more pure form of brewing soon (sleepless nights and caffeine urgency has passed). One thing I have found to be true, is that people are pretty passionate about their coffee.  So, five thoughts on coffee:

1- Bad Coffee Is Bad And Good Coffee Is Good: Buy And Brew Good Coffee—  Please, please, please, brew good coffee.  Generally speaking people will be polite when you don’t, but everyone secretly rates you on the coffee you serve and eventually people are going to talk about you and your coffee.

2- Offering Someone Coffee Is A Gesture Of Goodwill— There’s no better icebreaker nor a better gesture of goodwill, then to offer someone a fresh cup of coffee.  And for the record, if you offer someone instant coffee, this is NOT coffee nor a gesture of goodwill (see #1 above).

3- What Kind Of Coffee You Drink And How You Take Your Coffee Says A Lot About You— If you pay for and insist on the finest coffee, it says you have discretionary money to spend on it or highly value it.  If you brew the cheapest stuff the supermarket sells, it says you are frugal (and you burnt out your taste-buds a long time ago).  If you put 8 to 20 packs of sugar in your coffee, it says you are likely a future candidate for diabetes.  If your order at Starbucks is 8-20 words long (for a single beverage), it means you are a very particular person.  Your coffee says a lot about you.

4- Be Careful About Offending A Passionate And Committed Coffee Drinker—In New England, there seems to be a Dunkin Donuts on every block in the cities and every 1.5 miles apart in the countryside.  Starbucks and Cumberland Farms are located just a little less frequently.  People will almost fist-fight you defending why their coffee is the best.  Better to agree to disagree (and save a black eye) than call someone an idiot just because their coffee preference is different than yours.

5- The Internet Offers Some Great Coffee Resources And Conversation About Coffee—  Here are two of my favorite links I’ve recently run across about coffee.  #1, Is a list of the 26 most commonly ordered things at Starbucks and what each one says about you.  #2 Is a checklist of the 22 different methods you can use to brew coffee with a challenge to see how many of them you have tried.

Happy brewing.